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In 2015 people were asked what their dream Manchester would be like, to help shape the Manchester Strategy 2015-25. Could the whole city agree a joint ambition that residents, businesses, public services and voluntary groups would get behind and work together on over the next ten years?

The consultation – which reached tens of thousands – gave the clearest ever picture of what matters to Manchester. People called for a city that is:

  • Thriving – creating great jobs and healthy businesses
  • Filled with talent – both home-grown and attracting the world’s best
  • Fair – with equal chances for all to unlock their potential
  • A great place to live – with lots of things to do
  • Buzzing with connections – from world class transport to brilliant broadband.

Manchester is a place where you can be anything you want to be. Think of the cultural diversity, the history of music and creativity, the scientific breakthroughs and the educational achievements.

Our Manchester - The Manchester Strategy ,created following a detailed two year consultation, sets out a 10 year course to achieve our vision. It builds on the city’s existing long-term strategic direction and sets out our priorities for the decade ahead. 

It will be delivered by building on Manchester’s history of collaboration: between civic leaders, businesses, the wider public and voluntary sectors, and residents themselves. All working on priorities and actions that Manchester’s people and organisation have all agreed we’re all working towards together.

We’ll have a diverse, distinctive and well-connected economy creating jobs and opportunities for all.

There’ll be good support for businesses – established and growing.

We’ll aim to be a leading digital city, rich in culture.

We will build on our strengths such as life sciences and ‘advanced materials’ like graphene, at top business hubs like Airport City and Corridor Manchester.

To get there we’ll make sure workforce has the skills needed: we'll grow the economy, but with serious commitment to protect the environment and reduce the impact of climate change.

The Our Manchester Strategy provides the overarching framework and priorities for action by the Council and partners. It includes 64 commitments, known as the ‘We Wills’, made by a range of agencies to achieve the vision for the city. To deliver the commitments a radical change is required in our approach and the way we work with partners.

This radical change is the Our Manchester approach. The Our Manchester approach is a redefined role for the Council and public services as a whole. It puts people at the centre of everything we do, recognising that people are more important than processes, procedures or organisational boundaries, and changing the way that the Council works to reflect this. It is about listening, then learning, then responding. It is about creating capacity, interest and enthusiasm within individuals and communities so they are empowered to do things for themselves. Finally it is about working together more, by building long term relationships and having honest conversations which give a say and role to both those who need services and those who provide them.

But Our Manchester is not just a Council thing, so after wider discussion and refinement we now have a top four: things that can make us all into good 'Our Manchester players' – people who take an Our Manchester approach:

  • We work together and trust each other
  • We’re proud and passionate about Manchester
  • We take time to listen and understand
  • We ‘own it’ and aren't afraid to try new things.

Read Our Manchester - The Manchester Strategy in full here.