Manchester City Council

Deputy City Solicitor, Director of Legal Services


Hello, I am Fiona Ledden the City Solicitor and Monitoring officer, and I am delighted that you are interested in the role of Deputy City Solicitor, Director of Legal Services.

This is a particularly exciting time to join our organisation.

We continue to be one of the largest in-house Local Authority legal teams in the UK, running a shared service with Salford City Council, and with Rochdale Borough Council for Children’s and Adults legal work. And in addition, we also provide legal support to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

We work with passion and pride in Manchester and with a team of over 240 engaged, professional officers to assist you, working on behalf of our residents, Council services and clients is a deeply rewarding, yet challenging experience.

Manchester and Greater Manchester is key engine of growth in the UK and in this role you will be immersed in the inner workings of our city and city region, from fast-moving globally recognised regeneration programmes to cutting edge legal work, leading our teams requires enthusiasm, motivation and a will to impress (and be impressed).

This role also encompasses the Deputy Monitoring Officer position, supporting me in that role to enable our extraordinary host of council members to deliver their roles for their communities, providing the strong governance advice and stability that is essential in all Local Authorities.

You will also be intimately involved in the city’s elections process, which comes under my directorate, as do Strategic Communications, Coroners and Registrars.

If you would like to have a more informal conversation with me about the role, please contact

I look forward to your interest and learning more about you.